Do you have mold in or under your carpeting in Evansville?

When one thinks of mold growth, it’s generally growing between walls, under or between bathroom tiles, in the basement or attic. Have you ever looked beneath your carpet? It’s actually a very common place for mold to grow.

Mold grows very fast and is tough to handle when it comes to carpets. Since carpets can retain moisture so easily, it’s the perfect place for mold to grow and thrive.

There are some signs that you have mold growth that you can determine before destroying the carpet.

  • When mold colonies form, they begin to release toxins or spores into the air and along with it, a strange musty smell. The closer your nose gets to the mold growth, the stronger the smell.
  • Allergy sufferers will take notice quickly because mold can exacerbate the symptoms twentyfold. If you had a minor cough, it may turn chronic with throat irritations and watery eyes.
  • If your carpeting remains damp/wet for more than a day, you can bet mold is growing. Common reasons for carpeting getting wet is due to water leaks, flooding or even high moisture contents in the home.
  • If you notice your carpeting changing colors, you probably have mold growth. There are different types of mold and they will grow in a rainbow of colors.

The cause of Carpet Mold

Mold can grow about anywhere there is moisture. All mold needs is the spores form in the air, moisture and a food source. Carpet is a food source and the fabric can be consumed by the colony and further spread the airborne spores when you step on the carpet. Carpeting retains moisture just because of the material it’s made from and is perfect for mold growth. It’s very common to see black mold growth in carpets and rugs since they collect dust and moisture, which are nutrients for mold growth.

If you discover mold in your carpeting, don’t try to get rid of the problem yourself. You can help the spread of the mold far too easily. We have certified mold removal experts at Restoration 1 Evansville and can restore your carpets and get rid of the mold.