Do you know how your Air Conditioner can cause water damage in Evansville?

Air conditioners are not considered luxury items anymore. They are vital to our wellbeing. Besides cooling our homes and businesses, hospitals and so on, they remove humidity from the air which is extremely important for those suffering from respiratory ailments such as asthma and COPD.

If not properly maintained, an air conditioner can cause water damage. In most cases, an air conditioner unit is tucked away out of sight and you may not be able to see the accumulated water damage until it’s too late. When an air conditioner is working at its best efficiency, it may collect between 10 – 20 gallons of water.

After an air conditioner starts to leak water, in just a few hours, it can cause permanent damage to your unit.

There are several reasons why an air conditioner could leak, but here are some of the most common:

  • If a condensation pump gets dirty, it can cause an excessive buildup of water that can also lead to the growth of mold which can lead to severe health issues if not resolved quickly.
  • Water drains off the condensation coil into a collection pan which goes into a hose that disposes into the sewer system. If the hose is clogged, the pan will overflow causing damage to your floors or carpeting.
  • The air conditioner filters are clogged. When the air filters are clogged and dirty, air flow is restricted and can cause an ice buildup in the system. You should change your filters every 3 – 4 months.
  • The refrigerant in your air conditioning system keeps the air in the unit cool. If the refrigerant is low, the system can’t function properly leading to the entry of water into your home.

To keep your air conditioning system running at its peak and avoiding unnecessary leaks or expensive repairs, have your system inspected once a year to make sure you don’t experience a water damage event or HVAC system break down. Maintaining your HVAC system can prevent several hundreds of dollars in potential repairs.